Volunteer Doing Something You Love

every gift creates joy

We all have different gifts but every one of us has the ability to inspire others simply by doing things we already love to do. Whether you enjoy artistic activities, organizing events, talking to people, or simply spreading kindness with your smile or a gift, YOU can make a tremendous impact on the lives of families struggling to find hope in the hospital or memory care homes.


Volunteer Opportunities

Providing art and music empowers cancer patients, dementia/Alzheimer’s residents, and their caregivers to connect and share moments of joy. Please consider using your gifts to help with one of our activities.


Host an Art Supply Drive or Fundraiser

Cancer patients of all ages  frequently request art supplies and activities. Your school or organization can host a supply drive or fundraiser to provide a joyful distraction between treatments.

Sponsor Bedside Music or Ukulele Lessons

Hearts Need Art provides bedside music and ukulele lessons at Methodist Hospital and with your support is expanding to new hospitals in 2020. Host a fundraiser to reach more patients with the healing power of music.

Artist or Musician-in-Residence

Hearts Need Art trains artists, singers & musicians in the healing power of the arts. this volunteer activity requires a minimum age of 16 and a commitment of 2-4 hours/week at Methodist Hospital.

Creative Engagement Activities for Dementia/Alzehimers Residents

When the mind fails to think of the right words, creative arts enliven the spirit and allows people to connect in amazing ways. All ages and are welcome for these joyful interactions with residents and their families.

See something you would enjoy?

Send me a note about your interests!